Backed by over 20 years of Artificial Grass experience, IntelliTurf Miami wants to help you build the backyard of your dreams.

Deal directly with the business owner and get the very best Artificial Grass at the greatest value in our industry.

Why IntelliTurf?

The answer is simple, we have the very best turf available anywhere and installations are overseen by the owner.  We don’t skimp on base materials and we use only premium products from start to finish.  We stand behind our work and because this is all we do, you are getting the very best possible installation at a great price.

Our Artificial Grass:

No China Yarn Here – We install a Made in the USA, 100% Recyclable, Heat Reflective artificial grass.  Our turf utilizes 3D yarn shapes that look more natural by reflecting less light and due to their unique shapes they stand up to gravity much longer than older yarn designs.

The fabric backing system drains at up to 300 inches an hour.  So right after one of our patented rain showers, the grass is dry and ready to use.

Research and Development over 20 years has produced the best looking and best performing products.  Since our turf is recyclable, it doesn’t have to end up a landfill at the end of its lifecycle.

100% Recyclable – Made in the USA – Heat Reflective – all around superior product.

Our Installations:

With locations around the country and over 20 years of experience, IntelliTurf has seen and installed just about every conceivable synthetic turf product on just about every type of property possible.

  • Playground safety surfaces that satisfy fall height ratings create the very best possible playground surface for any school, church or park.
  • Backyard Putting Greens that look, feel and play like natural grass.
  • Lawn systems for dogs and pets are great for vets, boarders and pet loving home owners.
  • High traffic areas for schools or other public spaces where natural grass is too hard to maintain is a problem we solve every day.
  • Shaded or hard to reach locations such as the space next to a hotel where mowers, blowers and workers will both guests are type of problems we solve with our artificial turf.

Miami IntelliTurf has access to just about any type of synthetic grass and our company has installed turf in just about every type of space imaginable for countless uses.

Our Company:

IntelliTurf has roots back to the late 1990’s.  We are backed by the most knowledgeable and professional people in the Artificial Grass industry.

Miami IntelliTurf is locally owned and operated with our sole focus being the installation of artificial grass.  We do not install lighting or irrigation or plants or sod.  We don’t build pools or patios or outdoor kitchens.  We are turf experts and that is our focus.

Miami IntelliTurf works with numerous builders, developers, architects and property managers.  Our partnerships also include landscape companies of all sorts and those relationships are from a sub-contractor to a supplier and everything in between.

Final Thought:

This is simple, if we could make our turf better, build better bases, use better infill product we would.   We deliver a superior product with superior service for a price that is very competitive.   We offer the best value in the Miami Artificial Grass market.

Call now and lets help you with your project:

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Jeremy Dellaria | Owner

IntelliTurf of South Florida
Artificial Grass Installation Specialists