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We are golfers and artificial grass putting green experts.  IntelliTurf has roots back to the late 1990’s and all this started with backyard putting greens.  Our golf greens look, feel and play just like natural grass.

Miami IntelliTurf is bringing these amazing surfaces to south Florida to help you improve your short game and build great memories with your family and friends.

Call us today so we can tear out all your ugly grass and install what we consider is the “Perfect Amenity” in you backyard, an artificial grass putting green.

Our Surface

Natural grass greens utilize about 18 inches of a product called “Greens Mix” that creates a root zone for the grass to grow and stay health.  Basically when you hit a shot into the green, the ball lands on 2-3 millimeters of grass and the rest is this sandy root zone.

IntelliTurf’s Best Golf Green Turf (we know, not a fancy name but it is what it is) mimics the natural grass root zone with a 5mm impact pad below 1 inch tall turf that is filled with specific round sand.  8 pounds per square foot to be exact.

The impact pad and the sand fill cradle golf shots from 180 yards away just like a natural grass golf green.

Now we have seen many other companies over the years come and go in the backyard putting green business.  If you don’t finish the surface correctly or if the base is not installed to perfection, you will not end up with a great surface.  Backyard putting greens should be installed by golfers who are also artificial grass experts.  Anything less and you are just wasting your money.

See our videos below to get a full understanding of the IntelliTurf Backyard Putting Green installation capabilities then please give us a call so we can help you build the backyard putting green of your dreams.

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