IntelliTurf of South Florida had the pleasure this spring of visiting the esteemed condominium development Sea Ranch Club of Boca in Boca Raton, FL in order to perform a restoration of a golf green the board had approved over fifteen years ago. Golf greens are, in short, passion projects for our company, as our founder was a former golf professional himself.

At IntelliTurf, we take incredible care in constructing our golf greens. We build them from scratch, and we restore them as well. We craft them with care, either way.

The Process

After cutting away and disposing of the existing turf, we went to work at smoothing and tending to the base, as it would serve as the foundation for the golf green we were constructing.

Golf Green Demo Day


Next came the turf rolls, and there were several of them, including our latest texturized golf green turf. This turf utilizes the most up to date technology to best simulate life like play for golfers. Over 400 linear feet of seams and 30,000 lbs of silica later, the green was ready.

The Product

We’ll let the view speak for itself…needless to say, the residents at Sea Ranch Club of Boca will be enjoying their short game for many more years to come.