Our company, IntelliTurf, was founded by a former golf professional in the late 1990s, but that hasn’t stopped us from branching out into multiple facets of the hospitality industry in the years since. We received a  call a month back from a residential community located on the cIMG_7734oast in Jupiter, FL. What started out as a seemingly simple request for a putting green to be rolled out and glued over a portion of a tennis court soon became a much more in depth and rewarding project – not only for our owners who were on site daily to manage the project – but also for the members of the community, River at the Bluffs.

Here’s how it all shook out.

We were essentially given an entire tennis court to work with. Initial designs included us simply gluing down our premium grade synthetic turf over the cement of the court, but we just weren’t satisfied with what that end product would look like. Instead of simply rolling turf over the area, we proposed to demo an hourglass shaped area, build a substantial road base and shape the golf green and fringe turf to resemble and play true to real golf greens. Whereas our standard synthetic turf installations call for infill of just 3 lbIMG_5639s of silica sand per square foot, IntelliTurf stands behind the practice of infilling their turf up to 8 lbs per square foot where golf greens are concerned. Not only does this add to the durability and longevity of the installation, but it simulates life-like play, too. Your short game is what can get you in the end, but now all the members of River at the Bluffs will have as lifelike as possible a golf green to take strokes off their game. There is no replacement for the quality of engineering that goes into our projects. We want you to be pleased with what we build for you so that you’ll never have to see us again!

In addition to an expertly engineered golf green, IntelliTurf of South Florida constructed a bocce court as well, which featured our premium synthetic turf, silica infill and pressure treated timber framing. Our company had previously constructed bocce courts at the Jupiter Country CluTrifecta of Hospitalityb, which were regulation size. Since we were working with a slightly smaller area, we built a bocce court to match the third installation we were bringing to the members of River at the Bluffs — a shuffleboard court!

That’s right. A company of many talents, and all about the user experience, IntelliTurf not only jackhammered away at tennis court cement, constructed a lifelike golf green that could hold a shot up to 180 yards, a true to life bocce court but also a shuffleboard court as well. They were thrilled to bring a trifecta of hospitality to River at the Bluffs, constructed with care, utilizing the best of turf available on the market today.

Where synthetic turf is concerned, IntelliTurf is a cut above the rest. We will work with you to bring to life the vision you have for your project, whether that includes a pet friendly yard for your beloved four-legged family members, a golf green so you can shave some strokes off your game or a vertical indoor installation to bring some color into your home or business.

If it’s there, we can turf it.